Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Nails Day + Another Rug!

Last night, I tried a new nail salon, and I was pretty pleased with it.  It's called Love Nails, and I just found out this morning that I can do online scheduling for an appointment!  It's a small place, but it seems very well equipped.  I wanted a chocolate brown kind of color to start off fall, but I didn't see one on the wall.  I asked the lady, and she said she hadn't put the dark colors out yet, but next time, just ask.  OK!
Here is what I chose instead:

There's a tiny bit of sparkle in it.  Hopefully, it will ignite my San Francisco Giants to make the playoffs, or even win the division!
I also have been hard at work on a new rug, and I'm proud to say it is done!

This rug is SUPER simple, just a half double crochet across, but there's a catch... I used 3 strands of yarn, so it's thicker.  For these fun colors, I used 2 strands of Crown Jewels Bernat Handicrafter, and 1 strand of Tiara Ombre Bernat Handicrafter.  I think these two yarns look so fun together!
And finally, I leave you with Latte the Butterball Pug in her natural habitat:

In any event, have a great Wednesday!  Check back tomorrow for a new WTUI challenge!

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