Thursday, September 11, 2014

Make It Monumental

Today is September 11th, and 13 years ago today, our lives changed forever.  Today is also Thursday, which means a new WTUI challenge.  Today, I am hosting it, and I am challenging you to Make it Monumental by using stone, granite, marble, or another hardened surface in your project, just like the monuments and statues we erect for our heroes.
I made a two-page scrapbook layout for my recent visit to the Flight 93 Memorial in PA.  For the background of both pages, I used a Granite Paper that I made, and a matching set of Granite Buttons to give a little dimension to the page. I also used a couple items by ChrissyW - the templates, a string bow for the button, and a cross stitch.  It just didn't "feel right" to put too much "stuff" on the page, and I wrote more than I ever have on a page on these.
Here is Page 1:

You can click on the page to make it bigger if you would like to read the text.
And Page 2:

The upper-right two photos include the etched "September 11, 2001", which is hard to see in these photos unless you click in.
In the spirit of giving and helping your neighbor that today brought about, I have two freebies for you:
A set of papers that can be downloaded HERE and look like this:

And a set of matching buttons that can be found HERE and look like this:

If you are unfamiliar with digi scrapping, why not give these a try?  They're free after all.  Please enjoy the life that we have to the fullest today, as today is a reminder that you never know when your last memory will be made.  Appreciate the life you have and what our heroes have sacrificed to make that possible.  Check back tomorrow for some more things you can do with the paper pack above to celebrate life.

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