Friday, September 12, 2014

It's Friday!!!

It's Friday!!! Here are some things to get your weekend off to a good start...
Yesterday, I gave you some fun freebies.  In case you missed them, here they are again:
Digi paper pack, downloaded HERE:

And a matching set of buttons, downloaded HERE:

Yesterday, I shared a very somber two-page scrapbook layout in my Make it Monumental post.  Today, I am showing you some FUN things you can do to celebrate our so sacred life!  I made a set of drink tags and recipes with these papers.  Here are some drink recipes and tags from our weekend block party.
The wine comes from the Village Vintner & Brewery, but there wasn't room on the page to say that.  My neighbors all know where I get my wine, so it wasn't necessary. :)
First up is Electric Lemonade:

That's the yummy recipe.  If you are not familiar with Passion XO Blue, it's a cognac and so smooth and sweet.
Here is what it looked like:

To fill this container, I made 3 batches with the recipe above.  You can see the little cards I made for my neighbors to take with them, mainly so they would stop bugging me for them. :)
And here is the tag that is on that container:

Next up, we have Pineapple Mojitos:

Here's an "action shot" of the Pineapple Mojitos in progress:

Doesn't that look yummy??  You can easily omit the rum for a fabulous smoothie, but why would you want to do that???
And here's the tag that went on the container:

And last up is the acclaimed Strawberry Basil Limeade:

This recipe says to serve immediately.  It does separate, so I always serve it in a Pampered Chef pitcher that has the mixer plunger.

That's why the tag says to "pump twice", because you do need to mix it.
And here it is in action:

Again, you can easily omit the wine and make a yummy smoothie with this, but again - WHY!?
A couple of my neighbors like a little extra punch in their drink, so I provided a bottle of KettleOne Citron with this tag attached:

That should get you started for the weekend!
Finally, Wednesday was nails day, but I decided to do something different this time and went back to my natural nails.

I'm going to try one of my jamberry wraps with footballs on one nail, I think, since there's a HUGE game in my area this weekend - the local Bears vs. my 49ers.  I feel I will be in the minority this weekend, although that red and gold nail polish is a big win already!
GO 9ERS!!!!

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