Thursday, September 25, 2014

Groovy Sunset

Sunday I did another Wine and Canvas event.  I was waiting to post my painting, because it was PERFECT for today's Ways to Use It challenge - use trees.  Here is my final canvas, which is hanging in my cube at work, and looking spectacular:

Ok, so here are a few steps on how I got there...
First of all, we started with a blank canvas.  Yes, I know - AACK!!

But it's ok, because there were drinks available to calm the nerves:

This WAS a Strawberry Basil Limeade martini that I designed for Village Vintner Winery & Brewery, which uses two of their exclusive (and super yummy) wines - Sweet Passion and Oktoberfest.  It goes down VERY smooth, but since it's only wine, it won't kill you.
Ok, back to the canvas... The first thing we did was paint half of it white.  C'mon man, really???  You want me to paint a white canvas white... um, ok, so I did.  I didn't grab a photo of that, but I'm pretty sure you can imagine that piece.  Then we added yellow:

And then orange:

And then blue, purple, and pink.  I was a little caught up in that (and my Spinach & Artichoke dip & martini # 2), so I didn't get a photo of that until the end when I flipped it upside down to paint the bottom and then the trees:

You can catch a glimpse of martini # 2 on the left of my canvas.  Next up were the trees.  Perhaps I'm just completely mental, but to me, it's easier to paint the trees upside down, so that's what I did:

I think they turned out pretty good.  I find it's easier for me upside down, maybe because it forces me to truly think outside the box.  I did flip it back around to do the leaves, which turns out are really just scribbles:

I made asterisks and stars, and somehow they came out looking like bushy leaves.  Um, ok!  The last piece was to add the sun, but I kept messing with my orange piece and totally jacked it several times.
I think the final isn't too bad:

I hope you will play along with the trees challenge on SCS!  Of course, you don't need to make a canvas, but this wasn't all that hard, so maybe you could give it a go.
Have a great Thursday!

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