Monday, August 11, 2014

Weekend Update

Finally a weekend with work, and we lived it up!  First up, we had a great pool party!

Gandy got to play with the neighbor's puppy.  Animal planet 3D was some great cheap entertainment.  Even for an old dog, Gandy can keep up with the energetic puppy, Bucca.

Latte, who tends to overheat, got a cool off in the pool courtesy of daddy.  At first, she was not having it, but then she realized just how great the cool water was, and settled right down.
After pool time was over, it was time to get to work on cooking.  First up were a TON of pickles.

The little cucumber plants are sure pumping out the veggies!  I was making pickles for over two hours!!!

There are two of these jars with vertical slices, one with plain dill and one with garlic dill pickles to be.  The garlic was from the garden, too!

I made 5 jars of these horizontal slices - two dill, two garlic dill, and one sweet.  I also made some experimental jars in some smaller mason jars - two with thai dragon chili peppers, garlic, California Seasoned Pepper Blend (the neighbors stole these, so I hope they taste ok); two with garlic and California Seasoned Pepper Blend; and one with Bavarian seasoning.  Finally, there is another jar of sweet pickles and whole baby garlic dills.  Yeah, pickles!!!
I also made Lemon Chicken Orzo Soup for my lunch this week.  I used Bavarian seasoningCalifornia Seasoned Pepper Blend, and Florida Seasoned Pepper for this also instead of all of the other spices.  I was so tired after all the pounds of pickles, so I did the soup in the crockpot instead of on the stove.

For whatever reason, I was up at 4AM today, and laid on the couch for a bit.  This is what I rolled over to see - the puppies cuddling!  So cute!
Have a great week!

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