Monday, August 18, 2014

Purpose-Driven Projects

This past weekend, I had to make projects to meet two completely different, but very specific needs.
As you probably have guessed, I am crazy addicted to The Spice House spices, especially the Florida Seasoned PepperCalifornia Seasoned Pepper, and Gateway to the North.  I carry them with me in my Lunch Break Thermal (my favorite lunchbox of all time!).  The little glass jars bang together, and I worry they will break, so enter the spice jar cozies:

Now they are all safe and sound, no chance of breakage!  And I think they look pretty cute if I do say so myself!
And here's another thing for the office... We had some visitors coming to the facility who we work with all the time, but rarely at my desk location.  Of course, we had to welcome them in style!

One is a total Starbucks addict, and the other is always carrying this notebook.  Can you tell who is who??? :)  I busted out my new Notebook Paper BG by MFT, and my favorite Bo Bunny set.  Just a little fun at the office...

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