Sunday, July 27, 2014

Playing Catch Up - Part 1

Wow it's been forever since I posted here... bad blogger!!! I've been crazy busy with work and life, but here's a long post to make up for my absence.  Here we go...
Two weeks ago was nails day!  Wow do I only have a horrid photo of them, but here they are:

Here is the one I used for the sample to give you a better idea of what they looked like:

The yellow for the two middle fingers was insanely bright, like traffic-stopping bright!  See?

After nails, I made some yummy potatoes.  I used the Slim Potato Casserole recipe, and they were so yummy!  They don't look like much, but they were tasty:

Saturday, I spent the day downtown for work, but I had to have a bit of fun doing it.  I made my co-worker and I matching rhinestone shirts:

I cut the pattern with my Silhouette, and used rhinestones to make them.  Punching out the circles in the rhinestone template is a quite tedious, but the outcome was great!
I stayed the night, and the next morning, the irony of watching the Chicago Rock 'n' Roll half marathon

while eating my bagel with salmon

was SO not lost on me!  Hee hee...
Last week I spent lots of time on the train.  The only thing I like about the very long train ride is that the train clears out, and then I can put my feet up

For whatever reason, the temperatures here in Chicagoland dropped like a stone!

Yes, it is July!
And just for good measure, one more comfy foot pic (this time I didn't forget my train shoes!):

Check back tomorrow for more food stuffs, to include my much-anticipated olive tapenade recipe!

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