Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Wine & Canvas Waterfall

Monday was another FUN Wine & Canvas event!  If you haven't done one, you really should check it out - it's a TON of fun, as my co-workers, whom I have dragged to many, have discovered.  My cube at work is quite colorful!
Monday's painting was chosen at our last event for a moment of zen to be added to my cube.  Here is the artist's sample:

See what I mean???
Before the painting began, I had to grab one of the yummiest restaurant salads around (modified to be my way, of course):

A co-worker of mine (who has YET to do a canvas event!) is trying to eat healthier, but she says it's hard when you go out to eat.  I sent her this picture with the caption - eating well at restaurant lesson 1.  This is the Biaggi's Seared Salmon Salad, and it's SO yummy!  Ok, now back to the paint...
This painting looks a LOT easier than it actually turned out to be, but with a little help (which you always can get at these events), it turned out ok, I think.  I had my Angry Orchard hard cider, so I was ready to go:

First we wet the canvas then painted it white.  Yeah, not much to see in a photo of that - it looks roughly the same as the all white canvas above.  But then things got interesting, because we a BUNCH of blue:

Then, we added rocks and foliage:

It's sorta looking like the sample... Then we added a sun and some whitecaps to the water:

Then things got really interesting!  We added actual plants.  I really like how my leaves in the upper left corner turned out (so mean comments about those!)  My other trees look, well, you see them.  I wasn't a fan of the all-white sun, so I added some yellow to mine, and some yellow reflections in the water too:

They should know by now that I don't play by the rules.  Don't give me the paint to use if you don't want me to play!  Now was the MEGA hard part - the waterfall.  It looks so simple, but man was that thing pulling my hair out!  It was also late after a long day, so I don't think that helped any.  In any event, here is my final product.  I think it turned out ok and will make a nice addition to my cube gallery:

It's so fun to see how people with the exact same paint and instruction make such different creations.  You can see some photos from the event HERE on the Wine & Canvas Facebook page.
In other news, on Sunday, we looked out into the back yard to see a momma bunny nursing her babies:

Unfortunately, I had leaned out the sliding glass door to take the photo, and the little hunting toy dog sprinted after the bunnies:

She just wanted to play with them, but they weren't having it!  I'm not sure what she would do with the bunny if she actually came face to face with it.  I think they would just stare at each other.
Have a great rest of your week!

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