Thursday, June 19, 2014

Random Ramblings

I haven't been spending much time in the craft area lately, but I've been creating in a different room - the kitchen!  The spring veggies are SO inspiring me to cook.  Let me begin by saying that not everyone enjoys my cooking, because I don't drop things on the floor that can be scarfed up.  These two, not so enjoying Momma in the kitchen instead of outside with them:

 They did help me pick the peppers from the garden for my guacamole:

One jalapeño and two super chili peppers from the garden.  I had already chopped the poor little jalapeño by the time I thought to take a picture.  These are the super chilis that REALLY pack a punch.  They are small but mighty!  I didn't take a picture of the final guacamole product, because, well, guacamole doesn't really look at that photogenic.
The day before, I had taken Latte to an art fest down by the river.  She wasn't so thrilled with the heat, but she did get to meet a new puggie friend, Earl:

Latte had her crabby pants on, but I did manage meet a fabulous couple, who makes amazing things with glass.  You can see their Etsy shop here - Ten36Designs.  She doesn't have any in the shop right now, but I got this FUN serving tray made out of an old bottle.  The mouth is open, so you can fill it with water, freeze it, and then the "whatever" on the dish stays cold longer.  I forgot to ask her permission to show her work on my blog, so I am not showing a picture. I'm pretty sure she sold out of all of those at the event - they were AWESOME, and very reasonably priced!  You can send a request for custom work on her Etsy shop, too.  Those of you who are reading this that will be getting holiday gifts from me... well, you know what you are getting!
The same day I made a YUMMY salmon dinner with potatoes, grilled onions, and steamed broccoli from the garden.  All of the items had seasonings from The Spice House.  If you haven't checked that place out yet, WHAT are you waiting on?!  Here it is in progress on the grill:

I didn't have room for the broccoli on my plate, so it missed its photo op, but here is the rest:

I used Serrano Pepper Honey Balsamic Vinegar, then covered it with Caribbean Calypso Seasoning on the salmon, and oh my WOW was it amazing!  It has fabulous citrus undertones, and just a touch of a spicy bite.  SO YUMMY!  Ok, my mouth is watering... good thing I have that for leftovers today on a salad!
Two nights ago, I made this yummy pizza - no red sauce, just pesto (from the freezer from last year's basel crop), artichokes, mushrooms, and some leftover grilled onions (from the salmon night):

I put 4-cheese Italian blend and colby jack cheeses on it... this is probably the best pizza I've ever had!  My husband makes the pizza dough, and I just do assembly.  I think I need some more practice on making the crust, so in the name of practice makes perfect, I will make another tonight.
And finally, if you missed the latest from Gandy & Latte from their Facebook Page, they went to get Daddy bagels on Father's Day:

That's all of my random thoughts for this week.  It's almost Friday!!!!

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