Friday, June 20, 2014

Nails Day!

Yesterday was nails day, and I was having serious #firstworldproblems, because I couldn't figure out what to do with my nails.  If you haven't checked out that hash tag on twitter, it's pretty funny!  It's all about the stuff that folks whine about because they are privileged enough to have money to buy stuff, like - wouldn't the world be a better place if Apple would just default the keyboard clicks to off.  Anyway, I was in a #firstworldproblems dilemma...  
In case you haven't picked up on the pattern, nails day is every two weeks, which means that the next one is just before Independence Day.  Should I go patriotic for a month, or just do an off cycle design?  After much angst, I decided that I would show my USA pride, since it is the World Cup, after all, so here is the latest nail design:

I made my neighbor and I some yummy cocktails and pizzas to take with us while we got our pedicures done.  I gobbled down my pizza, but here is what was left of the yummy concoction I made for our drink:

It is Sangria wine from Village Vintner, Angry Orchard cider, and Diet Dr. Pepper Cherry.  It's like juice and goes down a little too easily.
Now, the real drama occurred when we went to leave the nail salon, because this is what greeted us:

Yeah, it was pouring down rain.  We got absolutely soaked as we ran through the puddles to get to the car.  Of course, as we are halfway home, the rain stopped, so we got soaked for absolutely no reason.
The puppies were none too happy about the thunder that was accompanying the rain.  Latte cuddled in close to Gandy.

She has her antler that my parents brought back for her from Alaska.  The antler is not allowed in bed, so she chose to cuddle with Gandy.  Oh the silly puppies!
Have a great weekend!!!

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