Thursday, June 5, 2014

Nails Day & a Splurge

Yesterday was nails day, and I'm seriously stuck on the palm tree thing.  After my Glass Painting escapade, I knew I had to do my nails to match.  So, here are the latest nails:

It's a little hard to see in the photo, unless you zoom in, but the palm tree nail has 3 different colors of blue that are masterfully blended together.  Of course, I didn't do this.  Several folks have asked where I get my nails done, and I go to a little place in Algonquin Commons called Venetian Nail Salon.  They do a great job, and we always have a blast there!
I was definitely on a multiple shades of blue kick, because check out this splurge I got for myself:

I absolutely LOVE this bag, and for the price, I'd better!  I got a promotion at work, I'm proud to say, so this bag was my congrats to myself. I think I've earned it!
And finally, Gandy & Latte were in RARE form last night, and I caught this pic of the two of them:

Have a great Thursday!  The weekend is right around the corner!!!

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