Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Glass Painting

Friday night, I did a FUN painting with Inspired By Art Studio where you painted any of the number of glasses they had to choose from with your own design.  I definitely think I need to try this again, although, my first attempt wasn't so bad!  And here we go...
I began with my supplies - fun snifter-type glass, paint tray, paint, paint brushes and of course hard cider:

First, I painted several shades of blue around the glass (upside down, of course):

Then I added some green:

I refilled my glass to get my nerve up to paint the palm tree, and the studio owner snapped this cool pic:

I chose gold for my palm trees, and here they are:

Finally, I painted the dark blue on the bottom of the glass and the bead gold.  Since I didn't think it was completely dry when I left the studio, I snapped the final photo after baking it in the oven:

Not too shabby for a first attempt, and I'm quite sure it will serve up some tasty beverages this summer!

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