Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Wine & Canvas - Martini Glass

So, I've discovered that posts actually post if you schedule them instead of just leave them in draft.  We'll go ahead and add that to the list of things not to do before coffee!  Here's a funny someone posted to my Facebook wall and said it should be my profile pic:
Yeah, probably pretty true!  In any event, I did have a bunch of things scheduled to post over the past few days for you, but since I left them all in draft, here's what I want to show you first... my latest Wine and Canvas adventure at Village!
As a reminder, this is what we were making:

I got my wine, and I was all ready to go.  I chose Purple Passion wine this time, as it seemed to go with the painting.  You'll see in a little while...

First of all, we made purple:

Now you see why I chose the Purple Passion wine???  Next, we used lots of other colors to make swirls, much like I did in the Winter Tree painting:

Next up were even more colors and even more circles, as we created lots and lots of bubbles:

The last thing we did was to make the martini glass, color it in, add a few more bubbles, and make a lemon garnish.  I kept messing with my bubbles, so there aren't any other "in between" photos, just my final completed project:

Mine is SO much lighter than the sample, but I was ready for spring after it had done this nonsense the Friday before:

Overall, this was a very fun painting!  Unfortunately, it won't be making an appearance in my cube at work... I think we all can figure out why.  There are lots more photos on the Wine & Canvas Facebook Page.  It's so interesting to see that we all receive the same supplies and instruction, yet they all look so different.
On Friday, my neighbor and I are going to paint a wine or martini glass at a totally different place.  The artist said there are lots of samples to choose from... oh the decisions!!!

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