Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Break from the Paper

Today, I'm taking a break from the paper and playing with some other things...
First of all, I am FINALLY seeing the signs of SPRING here in frigid Chicagoland.  Lookie what is in our yard:

YEAH!!!! Since I took that pic, a bunch more have sprouted.
The office has turned frigid now, so I made myself a wrap to keep myself warm at work:

I find it very difficult to type when my hands are shaking, so this will come in handy!
Of course I had some help making the wrap, but she was a little upset when I told her that it wasn't for her.  This is the look I got:

Is that not totally a "what you talking about, Momma?!" look??  Check in tomorrow for a NEW WTUI challenge hosted by yours truly!  I'm doing a different wine and canvas event tonight with Paint Nite.  I will be making this tonight:

I can't wait!  I love the FUN colors of this and can't wait for it to be in my cube!

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