Sunday, April 6, 2014

FUN Jounals

I found this adorable shop yesterday called Angelina.  I went NUTS there, especially around these FUN journals!  I'm actually excited to go to work on Monday to use one.  There were several different styles, but this is my favorite:

I'm hoping my mom isn't reading my blog, because it would totally spoil her Easter surprise, but here goes...
My parents are going on a cruise, so I got her the most perfect travel journal there:

And here is a sample of the inside that I made for her.  Of course, I blocked out their specifics, but I think you get the idea.  I used a FUN Samantha Walker kit and some washi tape.  Yes, Mom is getting the washi tape too!

You see the FUN pages that come in the book already??!!  This thing is just FABULOUS!!! I'm SUPER excited that I found Angelina today!

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