Monday, April 14, 2014

Chicago Skyline

Yesterday was another FUN Wine & Canvas event at Village Vintner!  I was SUPER excited to create this painting, and while it was a little intense, it did not disappoint!  So let's check it out...
There was LOTS of fun color blending to start:

We used blue, white, purple, red, and white to make a wonderful sunset.
Then, we did the same to make the lake:

And then it was time to add the buildings to build the skyline:

This is where I had to pay VERY close attention, because my OCD set in, of course.  Here is what it looked like before we added windows and the park:

Oh yeah, look at all of that!  The last things to do were to add some windows, lights of the park, and don't forget the red lights on the top of the big buildings, so planes don't run into it.  And this is what I ended up with:

This will be an awesome addition to my cube! I'm almost excited to go to work today, but it's supposed to snow and it's, well, Monday.
Check out some more pictures from Wine & Canvas North Chicago, as well as Village Vintner, on Facebook!

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