Monday, March 17, 2014

Wine & Canvas - Red Tree

Yesterday was Wine & Canvas again at Village Vintner & Brewery, and it was SO much fun!  As I told you Saturday, this is what we were going to make:

Saturday was so nice out, but winter decided to come back on Sunday, so it was a perfect day to stay inside and paint (and drink some wine).  This canvas was landscape oriented, so that was cool.

First, we painted white.  Yeah, really, we painted a white canvas white.  Um, ok... I think I can do that!  Then we added some light grey streaks, and it looked like this:

Then, we added some FUN drips!  I love dripping techniques, and this one did not disappoint.  Here are my drips I added a little more before the tree, but here was where I thought I was done:

After the background was dry, we began the tree.  Here is the beginning of my tree:

It didn't take too much to make it look "tree-like":

And then it was time for the leaves.  We began with red:

And then added some yellow accents, and we were done!  Here is my final product, not quite dry yet, but it's done:

Hopefully, Janet will pick the same painting I did for next month's event at Village.  I am MEGA excited to do that one, so I'm begging her to pick it! :)
This week I will be doing a stamp room clean out, so lots of stuff will be posted on my Garage Sale Page & on Pinterest Garage Sale board.
Until next time...

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