Friday, February 21, 2014

Winter Tree

Wednesday, I experienced my first Wine & Canvas event.  There are locations all across the country, so I highly recommend you check them out; I had a BLAST!  I dragged a co-worker with me, and she was SO glad I did.  There are 5 of us from work already going to one next month; that's how much fun we had and how much we raved about it.
Of course, I took lots of pictures to share my adventure with you, so here goes...
To put your mind in the proper perspective, according to the website, here is what I was supposed to be creating for the night:

First of all, everything is provided for you to complete your canvas.  Here is the setup that greets you when you come in:

There's an artist there who guides you through the painting step by step.  First, you get the words, then she shows you on a new canvas.  Our first step was to paint the canvas blue.  Ok, I can do this!

Blue - check!  We didn't have to go all the way to the bottom because there was going to be a snow hill there later.  So far, so good.  Now, she says to paint white swirly circles.  Um, ok, here goes...

White swirly circles - check!  I have to say my circle was pretty darn close to an actual circle.  Next, we are adding red swirly circles to our white swirly circles.  Uh, this red is VERY red, but ok, if you say so...

All I could think of when looking at this was - USA! USA! USA!  It is Olympic time after all... I, of course, raised my hand, and said - uh, I don't like this.  She told me to tone it down with water, so I did a little, while still chanting USA! in my head.  Next, we were to add yellow.  Here's where I went a little off the reservation, because I wanted green, so I mixed a little blue with my yellow as I was putting it on.

I'm seeing supernova at this point, and I'm good with it.  Next it's time for the snow hill.  This woman wanted me to approximate a measurement.  Have you MET me?!?! Are you totally serious - "about 3 fingers"?!?!?!  I tried to order a drink, but the server never came back after I asked for a martini menu, so I had to suffer through approximating 3 fingers.  I took several deep breaths, and here is what I ended up with...

My white kept blending with my blue, and I'm looking outside right now, and that snow is not blue.  I had to cake on the white to get it closer to white.  Then it was break time, which was good, because my snow needed to dry.
I had turned my painting upside down, and again tried to order a drink.  HELLO - this is WINE and canvas.  My co-worker said - she must know you have to drive home.  I promptly responded - it's ok, I have an electric car.  It took her a good 5 minutes to try to figure out what I meant by that; she finally asked - how is that going to help you drinking and driving?  I said - well, it's as dumb a reason as any other to drink and drive.  I will never drive if I've had more than a couple of drinks, so of course, I was completely joking.  I was just in one of those moods, because that woman told me to estimate 3 fingers!
After break, it was time for the tree.  The painting was called Winter Tree, so we sorta needed the tree.  My snow was still not dry, so I left my painting upside down as we started the tree.  It's much easier to paint downward brush strokes than upward, and I thought I would need all the help gravity could provide with the tree.  This completely tripped out my co-worker, because I was painting my tree upside down.

Perhaps my brain just works better upside down, because I'm pretty darn proud of the tree I made:

Sorry there are no photos between tree trunk and almost-complete tree... I was on a roll!  I was upside down, after all, so I was in my zone.
And here is the final product completely dry the next morning:

If there is a Wine & Canvas in your area, I HIGHLY recommend you check it out - it is a BLAST!  There are some photos of the event on Wine & Canvas Facebook page.
I will be going again on Sunday to my favorite wine place - Village Vintner & Brewery.  This time I KNOW I will get my wine when I need it.  We will be making this:

I can't wait!  Have a great weekend!!!!

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VanessaB said...

ohmygosh. I loved this post! some friends and I just bought groupons for a similar type event. i'm thinking there is no way i'll be ever to create what we are supposed to. i'm already having axiety. lol! well, you pulled it off. your tree IS amazing. great job even if you never got your drink. ha ha :)


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