Monday, February 24, 2014

Wine & Canvas Part 2

Yesterday, I got to do another Wine & Canvas event at Village Vintner & Brewery.  Again, there was a sample that mine doesn't really look like:

This time, I got my wine, and I was ready to go!

This painting was a lot harder than it looked.  We had to do several straight lines, which is not that easy, but the artist gave us some tricks to make it simpler.  We had to sketch out that "shelf" then color it with red, black, and white.

Then, we colored black, and white mixed with everything while still trying to look "white" to mimic a woodgrain look.  That part was pretty fun, especially because I will still filling my glass with the bottle of wine sitting next to me:

Next, we had to draw the wine bottle.  Unfortunately, I didn't realize that had a huge glare on my wet paint when I took my intermediate photos, so they are just bright white splotches.  Trying to make the wine bottle symmetrical was pretty tough!  After we got our wine bottle "good enough", which is where mine is, we added highlights to the bottle.  Then, the super FUN part - mixing up a cool turquoise color, which we used for the upper left rectangle and the label on the bottle.  The color is actually the same for both, but the lighting and dryness are making them look completely different.  Yes, dryness is a word (today)! After that, we had to do more drawing - the wine glass, which was pretty fun.  Here is what my canvas looked like at that time:

Brittany even got into the turquoise fun with an arm heart tattoo.

Finally, we added words and such.  I added one word and a heart to my painting.  I'm thinking I need something in the white, but not sure yet.  I'm not a fan of the live, laugh, love saying, so I'm not sure what I should say.  It seem appropriate to say live, love, drink on this painting.  In any event, here's my semi-final project:

Once I figure out what the final looks like, I'll post that.  In the meantime, you can see how the 30+ other folks did their projects.  One lady even made it a poison potion bottle, because she doesn't drink wine.  You can see a few photos that Janet took at Village HERE.  Can't you tell we are having a blast?!  Keep a look on Wine & Canvas' Facebook Page for their photos.  I am already signed up for Red Tree at Village on March 16th.  There are a few seats left, so come on and join the fun!

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