Thursday, February 27, 2014

Cider Journal Update

Hi there!  I have an EXCITING cider journal update for you. (WARNING: long post with lots of fun stuff!)  Before I forget, these pages all meet the theme of today's Ways to Use It Challenge - use a calendar, which is for the 9th anniversary of the challenge that I am hosting today.
I'm too excited for much more of a preamble, so here's the page:

This is the "opening" page of my Cider Journal.  (You can see the cover HERE.)  I will be using this record and rate our own homemade hard cider.  Even more excited am I to tell you that I may be tasting some of that THIS WEEKEND!!!!  You can see how we did it this past weekend in THIS blog post on my husband's NEW blog.  He's not into social media, so this is a GIANT step for him.  Obviously, I will probably be doing most of the posting there.  In any event, back to the FUN things I've been up to in the Cider Journal...
As you recall, I am using a Smash Journal.  The first page of a Smash journal is a little vellum page with "instructions" telling you that there's no wrong way to Smash, etc... Well, I wanted the vellum, because it had some cool flourishes on it, but I didn't want the words.  So I tried to gesso over them.  Word to the wise - Gesso + Vellum = not what you want.  It didn't cover the words, and it made this wrinkly mess.  I still wanted that for my first page, so I grabbed mini file folders from 7 Gypsies and glued one on the front and one on the back of the vellum mess.  That's what those little tabs on the right are - the tabs from the file folders.  Now I have basically FOUR front pages.  I am BEYOND excited! In retrospect, I should've decorate the folders before gluing them in, but eh, they're there!
I took paper from what is going to be my favorite new paper pack - Chalk Studio by My Mind's Eye and covered the front of the folder.  The paper said Happy Day repeated across the bottom, and that couldn't be more true, since this page will be chronically our attempts at making the hard cider ourselves.
Then I took a Calendar Card from Fancy Pants Designs and glued that in.  There are several different cards to choose from, but I picked this one because the letters looked chalkboard-y (my word of the day).
I then sprayed the whole thing with Kraft Glimmer Mist by Tattered Angels.  I think I may have an issue with this stuff.  I can't stop using it!  I didn't really let the Glimmer Mist dry.  I patted it with a paper towel, and that gives nice splatter marks.
I then took some script washi tape by Darice, again with the chalkboard theme, and taped down the corners that kept popping up.  This tape is really functionally placed.  Plus, I LOVE washi tape!
I then doodled some on the bottom with a Pitt Pen by Faber-Castell.  I haven't a clue why I did that.
Finally, I added 3 wood veneer chevrons from Studio Calico.  I put them there to replace the banners that I covered up and beg you to turn the page.  Did it work?  Do you want to see the inside of the folder now???
Ok, I'm glad you do, because here it is:

Yup, more stars!  I used a few more stars from the Framelits sets I used for the cover to again be a mask.  I think I'm in love with using these metal dies as masks.  They clean up SO easily, MUCH easier than plastic stencils!  Plus, they are heavy enough that you don't have to tape them or anything if you're looking to use spray ink, which of course I used Kraft Glimmer Mist. :)
I had folded over the "leftovers" from the front cover, since I really liked the piece that showed - one little banner piece and the words Happy Day.  I'm not really sure what is going in here just yet, but more to come there.
But wait that's not all!  I have done 2 more pages in the journal.  The first actual page looks like this:

A friend of mine had sent me that picture, and I thought it was a perfect way to start this fun journal.  This isn't quite what my week is like, but sometimes I feel that way.  I printed it out and used gesso to paste it in.
Once the gesso was dry (I let it sit overnight, because I'm insanely impatient.), I stamped the cup rings from the Stained Textures stamp set by Bo Bunny that I used on the cover all over.  You can actually see one this time in the photo in the bottom right corner.  This is such a FUN stamp set and totally fits right in with the theme of this book.
I then stamped the blue bars.  They are from a photography set by Stamper's Best that I had won a long time ago and used for the first time on this page with Faded Jeans Distress Ink by Ranger.
My photo edges were pulling up a bit, so I added some striped fabric tape on the top and Calendar paper tape on the bottom.  The fabric tape I got from Taylored Expressions so long ago that I haven't a clue who actually makes it.  The calendar tape is by Ranger.
The bottom looked a little naked, so I added a pearl swirl by Zva Creative.  Pearl swirls make everything all better, right?  They are so happy.
Oh, but hold your horses, there is even more!  I have one more page for you:

Yeah, buddy!  This was Sangria Trio night at Outback Steakhouse.  For this one, I took 3 colors of Stained Glass by Tattered Angels and washed the page.  There are only 3 colors I used, but where they overlap, they make fabulous new colors.  I added metallic stripes with a platinum metallic paint by Tattered Angels.
I used paper tape to mark my favorite of the 3 sangrias, which was the New South Wales variety.  The Stained Glass took a while to dry, and I tried to write on it before it was completely dry, which let to the little mess you see in the bottom right corner with Steakhouse.  I used a Sharpie to finally get that written.  The Smash pen actually does pretty well on the wet surface, so I'll have to remember that for next time.  That's what I wrote the variety names in.  I used a silver paint pen for the arrows.
I thought this page of the Smash book was perfect to do something a little different than cider, because the page said "and enjoy these moments every now and then".  Seriously, this book reads my mind!
I leave you with the page 1 with the date of the first cider brew filled in.  Have a great day, and I hope you'll play along with the WTUI challenge!

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