Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Look out - another post!

So, last night, my 49ers' offense played absolutely awfully, and I hate to admit it, but they deserved to lose.  That's not to say that the dirty Seahawks deserved to win, but I guess you can't really have a tie in the conference championship game.  On a happier note, we made these YUMMY snacks - Skinny Buffalo Chicken Potato Skins, Oven Baked Potato Wedges, & Pretzel Bites.  Here is Latte coveting said pretzel bites:

Today, I made another batch of the insides of the buffalo chicken skins to have as a wrap for dinner.  Also, today, I managed to get a little crafty.  I'm trying to play a bit of catch up on the Mix-Ability Challenges over on SCS.  I decided to go in order (shocking, I know!), so that meant I needed to do Mix 8 - Rip It, Paste It, Ink It.  So here it is:
I took a bunch of scraps I had lying around the stamp room and pasted them all down.  I think I should've covered the page, because this looks quite disjointed, but I got the idea.  I used a ton of toys, all pictured above, including a brand new Tim Holtz set that I had no idea I even had!  I am BEYOND excited at this find!!  I think it's pretty self-explanatory with the items in the photo, but let me know if there are questions.

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