Sunday, January 26, 2014

BIAB Bag Project

Yesterday, I took a break from the computer and stamps and did a project for my husband with my sewing machine.  I am calling this the ugliest bag on the planet, but he calls it a Brew In A Bag Bag (AKA BIAB Bag).  Check it out for yourself:

So the idea with this bag is that you put your grains in the bag in the kettle full of boiling water, and it makes it easier to clean up.  He gave me this article from BeerSmith - Brew in a Bag.  Here is what it looks like in the kettle:
Not too bad for something that started as a shower curtain, if I do say so myself.  I still think it's the ugliest bag on the planet... that material was nothing short of a headache, literally.  It gave me a migraine!  After my migraine-fixing nap, I went back to organizing my digi supplies with Pixa.  Here is what is looks like:
Jessica Sprague did an awesome job breaking it down.  I did find a few tricks, and if you're looking to organize your stuff with Pixa, let me know, and I'll send you my tips.
And finally, here is your Sunday edition of Pitiful Latte:
She is leaning against the couch where Daddy is with not one, not two, but THREE blankets and a pillow!  Yeah, Latte, your life is SO rough!
Well, I have a LONG way to go in organizing my supplies, so back to it (and laundry), I go.

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