Saturday, January 21, 2012

Stock Spotlight Saturday

Today, on the C.Y.D.I? Blog we are featuring one of my all-time favorite products - TWINE!
One of the things about twine that would hem me up is the mess of it, always getting tangled and all.  I knew that my store would carry twine, but I wanted something different to keep it organized and neat - enter the spool!

All the C.Y.D.I? twine comes wrapped on these little spools with a label to let you know what color it is.  The I Want It All bundle is shown above, and it comes in that adorable little case to add that extra layer of organization.
Here are two cards I made using twine...

My sentiments are from Technique Tuesday that will be COMING SOON to the store... oh how I can't wait!

Speaking of the store, rush on over because our artists have put TONS of products on sale!  Several of our Lucky 7 Spool combo packs are already on sale.  Additionally, for you, here is a coupon for 15% off ALL non-digital items, to include the adorable TWINE spools in the store.  Use this coupon at checkout: CYDIGOC15 

The sale/coupon ends Friday, January 27th when I get on the plane for CHA!!!  Make sure you are a C.Y.D.I? Twitter follower to get all the updates from CHA!


Debra Miller said...

Congrats on opening your own store Michelle! Wow - that is awesome.

Heather said...

AWWWW!!! This is ADORABLE!!! I esp love the sweet puppy and your heart papers. The twine on both is just dreamy!


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