Thursday, September 29, 2011

Mark It

It's Thursday, so that means a NEW Ways to Use It Challenge.  In our final week of our school-themed challenges, Collette gets right to the book with a fabulous bookmark challenge.
If you can believe it, this is my FIRST corner bookmark!  WHAT was I waiting on?!?!?! These are TOO easy!  Those of us in the US know that Borders bookstore closed, and I bought a TON of books to use for Christmas presents, and guess where this is going... YUP! In the stocking with one of the books.  I used a technique that Jennifer McGuire calls kissed resist for this.  Online Card Class was SO much fun!  I still haven't made all the techniques and projects, but it's available forever, so I have time. :)  I *SO* signed up for her NEW Christmas card class - open registration begins Monday for that one, and I definitely encourage you join!  Anyway, can't wait to see your bookmarks!


Ravengirl said...

Lookin' good woman!

Jennifer said...

Such a wonderful idea! Great design!


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