Thursday, May 19, 2011

Hello There!

Why, hello there!  Guess what - TOMORROW IS VSN!!!!  Oh yes... I'm bouncing in my chair right now!
This card is for Ann's challenge on Saturday... oh yes, you have to wait TWO days to see this one UNLESS you are a Fan Club member and already have it!
There are some NEW toys on this card, like Glimmer Glaze.
You see all the sparkles on that flower??? Yup - that's Glimmer Glaze.  It's like Glimmer Mist in nail polish form.  Seriously!  This one is called Cowboy and is tan color.
But wait - what's this?? Oh yeah, the birdie has it too!  This one is called Icicle and is clear.
I hope you will join us tomorrow for VSN and also create a few cards for Cards for a Cause.

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