Monday, September 6, 2010


When I was at CHA, oh so long ago, now it seems, there was a booth where you could make a digital scrapbook page. Ok, free stuff, I'm game! I had to take a photo of myself, so that put me off a tad, BUT, it was a free digiscrap page, so I bit the bullet and did it anyway. The booth was manned by the creative design team for I've had Photoshop Elements for quite some time now, but to actually do anything with it was a bridge too far. It's just not intuitive in any way. Jessica sent a coupon for 30% off, so I thought, what the heck, I'll give it a try. OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG is this stuff FUN!!!!!!!!!!
I took Up & Running with Photoshop, and the first 4 pages are what I did in that class. Of course, I used my favorite photography subject for ALL of my pages. :) The last page we built from scratch with NO template. This class was FABULOUS! So fabulous, in fact, that I registered for Now We're Rockin' in Photoshop. Jessica does both of these classes herself, and they are all video-based. She shows you exactly which buttons to click and which setting to use to get unbelievable results. We did clipping masks, drawing, journaling... holy cow, I can't even comprehend all the stuff we did in just 4 lessons!
The last page on the post is the first one I made in Now We're Rockin', which was again done from scratch. This one moves a lot faster, but you can pause and re-wind the videos as many times as you want. The best part - the classes are available FOREVER. They never expire, and you can go back to them as much as you want. Instruction for Photoshop Elements, as well as full version Photoshop are available on each lesson, so when I win the lottery and have the extra $600 to fork out on Photoshop, I can take the class again with Photoshop class. :) The Photoshop classes are all self-paced. I finished the first class in just a few days... let me tell you just how addictive this thing is! I am having a BLAST!!!
Now, the last class I'm currently registered for with Jessica Sprague is Oh Shoot!, which is a Digital SLR camera course. This class is instructor-led, so it's like an online college class with lessons and assignments each week. There are videos, MP3s, PDF, live video chat, and emails 5 days a week to help you "get it". Since I love love love to take pictures, and I'm quite fond of my Canon T2i, I figured I would shell out the dough to find out how to really use it. Our first lesson was on shutter speed, and the pups sure are helpful with completing lesson assignments. :)

Well, I'm on to Lesson 2 in Now We're Rockin'... LOTS of cool crafting things going on for me...
1. I found (and fell in love with) Jessica Sprague digital scrapbook class.
2. I begin my Oh Shoot! photo class (first assignment was today, and yes, I've already done it).
3. I have Copic 101 and Copic 201 classes at a local scrapbook store.
4. I begin my new job in a few weeks, so I have to make all of the going away stuff for my old team - birthday cards to finish out the year (they've grown accustomed to hand made goodies), farewell stuff, and so forth.
5. I am doing the Suicide Prevention Walk to hopefully raise awareness about this horrible epidemic, and I need to make some thank you things for that. If you'd like to sponsor me for that, I do have a website for that: Donate here.
More to come... Did I mention that I love Jessica Sprague??!!

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