Friday, July 16, 2010

2010 Album - February

OMG I LOVE MY DIGITAL STUDIO!!! I created all 4 of these pages last night. Seriously, digital scrapbooking does not get easier than MDS. Even I can do it, and folks even like my pages! *gasp* Some of you have commented on my photo layouts, well, I have to say, MDS has done most of the work for me there. For all of my pages so far, I have used one of their photo layouts, and just tweaked it a bit here or there. For example, on the last page of February (bottom right), the layout was the 3 photos in the column on the left, and I just added the long photo of Latte attacking the Lorax (Dr Seuss toy from Kohl's), which one of the funniest pictures we of that silly creature we call Latte.
Ok, so I promised you a different paper pack for February, so I must tell you I did not deliver. These papers are from the same Christmas Cocoa II set, just the red side instead of the brown. They really didn't look "Christmas"-y to me at all, so they became February, not that I still don't have my Christmas decorations up in February, anyway, but that's besides the point. :)
I used the stamp set called Calendar Basics Kit for the accents - month name, hearts, etc. The 2nd page has a heart on it like the 3rd page on the ribbon. I realized I used an old photo share to post here, but the rest is the same. Ok, on to March, and yes, March DOES have a NEW paper pack!

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