Wednesday, March 18, 2009

SAB Day 18

How cute is this little 3x3 card that Monica made???? SUPER CUTE! How easy would it be to make award-looking items like this with the scallop circle punch and 5/8" ribbon v-cut... oh yeah... I'm on it!
I don't usually share personal things, but I really needed to share this today.... Today and tomorrow I am going for doctors appointments for injuries I sustained in the military. Today I have an MRI on my neck and back, which are constantly in pain. I'm very nervous about this, and not looking forward to it in any way. To make matters worse - I have to drive towards the city in the middle of rush hour, so that will only add to my angst. Think of me today if you get a spare minute. Tomorrow I go to dermatology for a spot that looks like a burn that scabs up from time to time that I've had since 2004. That is tomorrow's angst. I say that because I have to be at the south side of the city by 8:00am tomorrow, so it will be an EARLY am... don't plan on a post tomorrow am. Thanks, all! This made me feel better knowing that my stampin' friends will be thinking about me today and tomorrow... stampers always have the happiest thoughts!

1 comment:

mamichelle said...

That card IS adorable!

Good luck with your visits!


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