Friday, March 6, 2009

Need Some Help! + SAB Day 6

Ok, I need some help. The card below is the draft for my administrative assistant, who is retiring. Her favorite place in the whole world is The Flamingo in Las Vegas, hence the flamingo in the pic. Oh yes, and this is a shameless CASE of Gretchen's flamingo seen HERE. My card is a whole sheet of card stock folded in 1/2. Ok, the help... I NEED A SENTIMENT!!!! HELP!!!!!Please help me with a sentiment for this card, and OF COURSE, you will be rewarded. You can post a comment here on the blog, or send me an email at THANK YOU!!!!!
Ok... today I took a short break from SAB sets to show you this FABULOUS card from Susan Smith. This is CRAZY easy with the new Manhattan Flower texture plate (mine is in the mail - woo hoo!!!!!!!!!).
Stay tuned for more of Susan's work... she is FABO!

1 comment:

terhare said...

did you want a sentiment for the outside of the card or the inside---sorry I'm being so dense!


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