Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Messing With Photoshop Elements

Hi there! So, while I had the creative juices, I had to try to mess with the Photoshop Elements 6 program I have. I'm only on Chapter 5 of the book, so it's not all that advanced, but I had to try something. This is a photo I took of the first tulip of the season. Too bad a bunny beat me to the pretty flower. Where it bloomed was a complete shambles (we're *still* trying to make the landscaping look half-way decent), so the rubble-effect of the black and white seemed appropriate. I returned the flower back to color. Look at me go!

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Kim said...

Love it! Was that easy??? I also have adobe photoshop, not sure the edition, I actually printed out 2 blk&whts today - one of my 3 1/2 year old smelling a daffodil and the other my 16 month old sitting next to a cluster. Both my girls looked adorable, so I thought I'd try and color in the flowers with my Stampin' Up! markers leaving the rest blk and wht. Pretty funny to have tuned into your site to see the same concept. Love to know the details if its not to hard/time consuming. Thanks!
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