Friday, April 4, 2008

Today I Organized!!!!!

I had today off unexpectedly, so I hurried to IKEA to grab a *few* things to organize the disaster area we could call a stamp room. The only problem was - this weekend is VSN on SCS!! No idea what VSN is??? Click the link to get sucked into the fashion show!
In any event, I *HAD* to get the stamp room cleaned up, because the design deadline for the wedding invites was fast approaching. Oh don't worry - this is MY own deadline, nothing set in stone, of course! So, at 6:00 AM I started on my project... holy cow was that HARD work, and at 4:40 PM, I was in the shower to get ready for VSN, which kicked off at 5:00 PM... oh yes, I *will* be posting my creations... stay tuned.
But first, I MUST brag on my stamp room! The furniture, I already had... it was just a matter of putting it where it made sense (go figure, huh?). I put the folding table in the corner against the wall next to the bookcases, and put my Cricut and photo printer on there. I don't really use them all that often, but when I want to use them, I want them readily accessible. I thought this was the perfect place for both. There's still a bit of room in front of the Cricut to put my Stampin' Scrub while I'm stamping.
I hung the rails for the punches and the cork board, as well as the canvas panel that I had stamped like a million years ago. After that, I filled the punch rails, baskets, and cork board. It was a lot of fun, and I really thought about the organization of the punch rails... I grouped like stamps... all the circles, the squares, put the round tab punch with the spiral, and all the corner punches together.
I made an area in my closet shelf for my mini light studio... this works AWESOME there!!! I'm pretty proud of how this has turned out thus far... I still have a bit to go, but IT'S VSN... speaking of, I'd better get to the next item on the runway... stay tuned!

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Amy, Ottawa, ON said...

Michelle, thanks so much (!!!) for the information on the punch rails ... I'm going to have to sneak off to Ikea for the rails. Great idea to hang the heat gun on the 'S' hook.


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