Saturday, February 23, 2008

Milwaukee Regionals 3x3 Swap

Hello fellow stampers! I'm hosting a 3x3 swap at the Milwaukee Regionals... YUP, I'm GOING!!!! But, if you can't go, just make sure I get the swaps by April 5, 20008, and I'll swap for you.

The details:
1. Full 3x3 cards (no envelopes)
2. Use current Stampin' Up! stamps only (no mini catalog please)
3. Make 9+1 -- the +1 will go to a women's shelter my mom's stamp group sends cards. You won't get one of your own back.
4. You can sign up for as many spots in as many groups as you'd like, but please make a different card for each spot.
5. More groups will be added if needed. -- there are 2 groups full and 2 groups open at this time.
6. If you're attending and plan to swap 3x3's "on the floor", please make these different (AKA special ).

Send me an email at WannaStamp@ if you want to join the swap.
Happy Stampin'!

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