Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Happy New Year!!!!

Welcome to 2008!!!!!!! I did stamp today - a LOT, AND I used my NEW mini photo studio that Santa also brought. Today I made my 2008 calendar (yeah, I know I waited until the last minute) using the Calendar background stamp and some Creative Memories calendar stickers that I've been hoarding. It turned out pretty cute, but word to the wise... If you going to use the calendar stamp to make a WHOLE year, hand-write the numbers for the dates. I started out stamping them, and it took WAY too long and didn't look that good. I like my hand-written ones better. I promise photos soon. This weekend, we're going to Dinner by Design to make meals for the next couple of weeks for my birthday... it should be fun! I'll try to post the photos of my calendar and my Christmas present thank you cards soon (after I watermark them, of course). Until then, here are a couple of photos from Christmas to tide you over... Best of luck to you in 2008!!!!

The first photo is Latte doing her Frank the Pug (from the movie Men in Black) impersonation.

Happy New Year from the whole family!

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