Sunday, July 29, 2007

Convention Was a BLAST!

This little swap card that one of my roommates (Hi Nancy!) pretty much sums it up right now! I'm completely in information overload with a million ideas running through my head that I want to run home and create! But alas, my stamps are safely in Illinois, and I'm headed to California. But wait - I have stamps I just got at convention, and of course, I did NOT pack up my Priceless set... just couldn't do it! I'm hoping to create some really cool items in the coming week AFTER I make my DVDs. I took 6.8 gigabytes of photos these past few days (told you I was a shutter bug!), and all my wonderful stampin' friends here want them, so on to the DVD-making process first. I will be making these for those who asked, but if I have extra DVDs on the spool, I'll offer these to my avid blog readers for $12 including shipping (just going to use up the spool - no sense packing it). I'm thinking the DVDs are SO going to have to be hand-stamped on the outside. After all, we did see this on the main stage. *oooohhh, aaaahhhh* (Told you I was exhausted, which means punchy!) To make the time even better, I got the email that my friend, Delandy, signed up as my FIRST RECRUIT!!!
So what can I share??? Hmmmm.... where to begin.... let's see.... oh yeah! ALL stamp sets in future MINI catalogs will be dye-cut! In case you hadn't realized, the holiday mini sets ARE dye-cut. And the NEW Demonstrator Business Web Site ROCKS!!! I can't wait! If fact, I signed up for my website just to secure my name (it's here if you want to look... I'll be posting some, but really waiting for the new site) What else???? I learned 23 different uses for SU!'s markers - AWESOME! We had a TON of Workshop Wows in one class where we learned how to make the ADORABLE bow above. How cute is that?!?!?!?! In the same class, we learned a TON of things to do with adhesives like using a pop-dot to add microbeads to the center of a flower. Oh yeah, it was cool! And how could I forget this SUPER cute flower made with ribbon and punches?! There's just TOO much to tell in one blog session.... plus, I *need* coffee, so until next time...

Monday, July 23, 2007

Did You Miss Me?

Ok, so where have I been??? The better question would be.... where haven't I been? It's been a CRAZY couple of months... During June, I had annual training for my reserve unit - that was 2 weeks. I came back, had 3 days at work, then went to San Diego for a conference for work. I got to see the red panda here up close and personal after the conference was over... pretty cool - he was walking on a leash!!!!!!! But boy did I get SUNBURNED! I came back at 9pm on June 28 and had an audit at work the next day (at least it was Friday). Let me tell you just how fun that was! But, I knew looming on the horizon was a trip to Tami's house... yup yup - Tami had an Inkerbelles gathering on June 30. It started at 10am, but what did I have to do first - the dentist! AAAAAHHHH!!! I hate the dentist! Ok, got that out of my system... Happy thoughts... happy thoughts... went to Tami's and stamped... ok, all better... Tami had TONS of projects to do this time. It was INTENSE! And my painful jaw wasn't helping matters any. Here are the projects we made. Overall, it was a blast!

After my stamping fun was over, it was time to dive in to a HUGE deadline at work, not-so-patiently wait for my new catty stuff, AND preparing my swaps for convention. Oh yeah, did I mention that I'M LEAVING FOR CONVENTION TOMORROW MORNING?!?!?! Ok, all better now. Anyway... I've been trying to "play" with my new Fall/Winter Collection 2007 toys. I also have 2 swap buddies AND a secret sis to "do" for. As if that weren't enough, two friends found out they were pregnant, one friend's daughter turned 1, and another friend's father passed away... I've been cranking out the cards. Also, I did the beginning of the scrapbook for the NEW HOUSE... yes, we close on August 1!!!!!!! But, then there's moving... I've been cleaning out *everything* in preparation for moving. And the sad, sad, sad turn of events is this... I had to pack *ALL* (kept 3 sets out) of my stamps to be taken to the new house this past weekend... it was a sad *sniff sniff* day. I couldn't part with my Priceless set, though... it will be hand-carried to the new house. :) Needless to say, I've been SLAMMED! I will *try* my hardest to give you a bit of news from convention... I am bringing my laptop, so I'll have access. And I'm bringing my *good* camera with 4 sets of batteries (rechargeable), so there will be TONS of good pics to share. Well, I'd better head to work now... oh wait - it's time to check in online for convention... YEAH!!!!!!!!!


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