Monday, September 17, 2007

Almost There / Here

Almost Here... The famous Latte the Pug is almost here... she comes TOMORROW at 5:30PM... CAN'T WAIT!!!!!
Here's the latest photo of her... she's getting BIG! My parents, who own a German Shepherd Dog, are like - BIG?! uh, not really. But, for her, she's getting big!
The breeder also sent me a video of her with littermates playing tag with Mom... that's hysterical!

Almost There...
The stamp room is *getting there*. My office and stamp room are going to be one in the same... the desk with computer + printer in one corner, and the stamp desk on the opposite wall. The photo here shows the filing cabinet + computer desk on the right with a Longaberger Wrought Iron Organizational Rack, then a set of drawers (loaded with scrapbooking stuff), then the book case. I think I might be re-arranging to have the bookcase on the other side of the desk, but this is a good start for that wall.
This next photo shows the opposite wall. You can *almost* see my stamp desk... it's behind that tiny table with all the junk on it. I did manage to hang some things... the plate rack in the corner will hold samples for my upcoming classes. Right now, it has the samples that I received from my swap group, because they were too cute to get swallowed in the mess of this room. Below that will be the Stampin' Shrine, back in all it's new-found glory (it's still in the box right now, though). This time, there will be a SECOND shrine located between the stamp desk and the bookcases (next photo). I haven't decided what will be worthy for the new shrines... I'm certain there will be some class/workshop items, but who knows what else??
This final photo shows the bookcase. The left-hand shelves hold project examples currently, but I think those will migrate to the shrine eventually. I'm sure some will remain. The bottom shelf holds the essentials... Stamp Pad Caddy, as well as the NEW embellishments caddy, and of course, the ribbon holders. The right-hand bookcase also holds essentials... the top Longaberger baskets hold adhesive, die cuts, and other misc items. The middle shelf is ALL Prima flowers... how cool is that?! The bottom shelf is still under construction. Inside the doors are the rest of what I need while stamping... Watercolor Wonder Crayons, Watercolor Pencils, Markers, Envelopes (can't forget the envelopes), stray stamps, Stampin' Spots, etc, etc, etc, etc... The Wrought Iron Wall Shelf is leaning against the doors on the right... it will go up on the wall; I just haven't decided where yet. More to come on the saga of organizing my STAMP ROOM!!!

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