Monday, August 20, 2007

Welcome Latte!!!

I am SOOOOOOO happy to introduce you to Latte the Pug!!!! She will be the newest addition to our family.

Here are her stats:

Born: July 20, 2007 @ 8:02 AM (likes to sleep in... my kind of puppy!!!)

Order: She was the 2nd of 3 puppies. She has one sister (Ellie) and one brother (Floyd).

Birthplace: She was born in Austin, Indiana to a breeder named Dawn (her website - she has some OTHER puppies available... check it out!!!)

Parents: Homeplaces Carmel Popcorn (mom) and CH. Cruise Control All the Way (dad, UKC champion). Dad is a 3-time best in breed UKC champion (go dad!)

This is her at 2 weeks, probably looking for some grub.

This photo is when Latte was finally named... we reserved her! Can't WAIT!!!!!!!!! She's 3 weeks old here, and went from "Fawn Female 4" to LATTE!

This is Latte's one-month photo... SO CUTE!!!!!!!!!!!
Just 30 more days... She comes on September 18th!!!

In the mean time, check out this album to watch Latte grow!


denise said...

OMG-she's adorable!! Soo teeny too! I laughed that she likes to sleep in... so do i- and she was born on my birthday, so i guess that makes sense! LOL! Congrats!!

Michelle Skillicorn said...

Well, happy belated birthday!


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