Wednesday, May 9, 2007

I've Been Tagged

So, I thought I would miss this round of tags, but Melanie ( caught me... She says I need to tell 7 things about myself and tag 7 more folks... Ok, here goes...
1. I am a Captain in the US Army Reserves. In this capacity, I spent 2 years in the Middle East (2003 - 2005). Prior to that, I was active duty stationed in Germany. Turns out - Melanie and I were there at the same time... I got there in 1999. I, too, have forgotten more German than most people have ever known
2. I currently live in the San Francisco Bay Area. In the fall, I will be moving to the Chicago area. I'm so not looking forward to the snow again (parents still live in the midwest), but I am excited for "real" seasons.
3. When we move, there will be a new addition to the family - a German Shepherd Dog puppy!! I grew up with Shepherds my whole life, and the 1200 square foot condo here can in no way support one!
4. I am an only child, and yes, I deserve it all!!!! When I moved out, my parents "replaced" me with a new Shephard puppy. My "sister" is named Leeza, but I call her the SDD (Spoiled Da#n Dog). She had puppies this past year, and BOY were they CUTE!!! Can't wait for my own!!!
5. I am a photo nut! I can take 400-500 photos in a weekend (have LOTS of batteries and a VERY large memory card). Yes, I do scrapbook these... eventually... I just finished the Thanksgiving album... the post for it is here somewhere...
6. I am a rediculously organized person. My downfall - I cannot put something away if I can't put it in its "spot". I'm a HUGE Dymo Label Maker fan. ALL of my stamps are labeled and each set is numbered. I number each block in the box, so when I'm frantically stamping with 30 different sets, I can put them all back in their correct boxes.
7. I am a Swedish Fish and Dots addict... you know those Gummi candies... I can eat bags/boxes of these at one sitting. Not that I should, but what are you going to do - they're just SOOOO good! On the food topic, I'm also DEATHLY allergic to eggs... I can't even hold an egg in my hand without it swelling up. This is new since 2001 for me, and it was a HUGE life-altering thing... still mess up from time to time, and yes, I found out the "hard way" that I was allergic... quick trip to the emergency room.

Ok, now to tag some other folks... I went to the Split Coast Bloggers to pick my blogs... completely random (except # 1)...
1. Kate/Krystal's Express Yourself, OF COURSE...
2. Melanie's Madness... - Check out her folded gift card holder... too cute and SO easy!
3. Bella Carta... - Check out her contest for the most birthday cards ever... pretty funny!
4. Kirsten's Confessions of a Naptime Stamper... - I love her kid-friendly samples!
5. Jana's Creative Pursuits in Stamping... - She's got javabellas (still waiting for mine)!!
6. Lisa's Stamp CSI... - Being the HUGE CSI groupie, I HAD to tag Lisa's blog!
7. Michelle's A Stamping We Will Go... - She's got a pretty funny post about movies.

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Melanie aka Batgirl said...

thanks for tagging me! I finally got it on my blog :) have a great weekend!


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