Sunday, March 18, 2007

Scrapbook Expo Dish

Ok, so yesterday, I went to the Scrapbook Expo in Pleasanton, CA. I can best sum it up by saying - I understand now why the rain forests are endangered. I don't think I've seen soooo much paper in my life! But where to begin?? I guess I'll start at the beginning...
At the beginning of the week, Scrapbook Expo sent out an email saying that they were expecting a huge crowd and to arrive at 7:30am. I, being the law-abiding citizen that I am, did as I was told and arrived at 7:30. It took me 10 minutes to check in, which including training the volunteers for the day, since I was their first test subject. From there, I had absolutely NOTHING to do. The coffee chop wasn't even open! I registered to be a Teacher's Pet, or assistant instructor, for a 9:00am class, but I couldn't even check in for that until 8:15am. So, I sat on the steps outside the locked door yapping with others in my same predicament. I DID get a really cool product dish, though...
The AAM Tote-ally Cool large tote. I was in envy of the tote that another step resident had. I, of course, took a pic of hers completely full (at the right). Then, another lucky woman came up with one, too. She gave me the dirt on it, though... she said that there's a brand NEW version (tote-ally cool 2 - AAM website info) that is WAY better than hers. Now, I was extremely excited... new AND improved stuff?? So, I filed that in the back of my mind for future searching, because I had 2 classes to get through first. Jump forward 4 hours to shopping time... I found the NEW version, but Scrap Mart wanted $36 for it. That was a little more than I wanted to pay, because I found the "old" version for $22.50. The lazy susan turn-table and full box (not just a tray) for the new version, which were the only difference I could find, were not worth the extra $15. Plus, the new one was only available in black and white, which I knew I'd get absolutely dirty very quickly. So, as you can see, I bought the "old" version.

Ok, rewind now... back to class. The first class I took was a Teacher's Pet for the Heirloom Recipe Book, taught by Cheryl of Scrappin' Dreams out of Missouri. Pictures of her demo are to the right. I was NOT happy with my Teacher's Pet experience. To explain a bit... you pay $5 to be the assistant for the class. Bottom line - you do all the dirty work for the class, so the teacher can focus on the project. There were SOOO many moving pieces for this class; it was a complete nightmare to be an assistant. To make matters worse, the instructor had to completely re-do the project, because the normal 5x5 books were destroyed, and all she had to work with were 8x8 books. So.... there were rub-ons that she threw in a box that she mailed (remember - she came from Missouri) to supplement the already made-up packets of stuff. These had to be take out of pre-made packets and distributed. Plus, there was paint to be distributed, and then collected back up, so the class members didn't get paint on their papers. Not to mention that she sold the extra kits and special glue that she recommended, which I had to collect the $$ for and distribute the product. Plus door prizes had to be distributed. I was running around for the whole hour. I did get the kit for the class, as well as the adhesive she was selling, however this is NOT something I would do again.

After this disaster, I grabbed a bottle of water (for $3.00) and got to sit in my own class on techniques. The funny part was that the class was taught by the scrapbook store that is exactly 1 mile from my house. I had to drive 30 minutes away to get a class by folks just down the street. This class was great! Brenda from Remember When taught it, and she will rattle through TONS of stuff. She showed some GREAT ideas, unfortunately, I couldn't take any pictures... the class just moved too quickly. I'm going to make some projects with the techniques, so check back for those.

Ok, so I said I made some things to take with me... I made some scissors charms. The supply list asked for scissors, and I was a little worried about having those with others' scissors around. I had my name on them, but it didn't seem good enough for me. I wanted something that would let me say "mine!" at just a glance, so I made a little beaded thing to hang off the edge. This was my first beading attempt, so I think it came out fairly well. Also on the supply list was a 1/16" punch, so I made a little thingie for that, too. I bought a shoelace charm kit at Joann's for $5, and beaded away.

Since I've taken one of Brenda's classes before, I knew enough to bring a notebook, because she will rattle off some pretty good product uses, as well as dish on new products. But I couldn't take a PLAIN notebook. NO WAY! Not with the Spring Mini office line. I picked up this notebook at Michael's for $1. I covered the notebook with Notataions paper on both sides of the cover. I sponged the edges with Certainly Celery craft ink. I stamped the Office Accoutrement large flower on the paper with Certainly Celery and So Saffron ink. I stamped the flower one more time on Certainly Celery CS with Tempting Turquoise craft ink, then embossed with crystal clear embossing powder. I stamped my name with Chocolate Chip ink with Rough Edges Alphabet. I also stamped the original and daily notes stamps with chocolate chip. I realized that I had mounted my original sticker upside down on the stamp, hence the upside down stamp. But, it IS original, right?? I used my beaded pen (demo from my upcoming class), which matched, and packed it up.

What else can I tell you??? Oh yeah, Rusty Pickle had MAD chipboard available. I opted for this accordion book. It came is a pretty cool package... The outside is a rougher chipboard than the SU chipboard. I think I'm going to have to sand it a bit before covering it. The packaging - twine with a tag - was an outstanding idea! Inside is a 6-panel accordion book. It's not attached to the cover at all... it's completely separate. Look for a project to come with this great new product.
Well, I think I don't have much else to say. I'm sure there's something I forget, so if there's something specific you were looking for an answer on, post a comment here, and I'll try to answer as best as I can. Until later....

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