Monday, January 15, 2007

The ZOO!!!

This weekend I went to the San Diego Zoo... it was SOOOOO much fun! Even with the record low temperatures, it was still a BLAST! We did have a bit of trouble getting there... our plane had a fuel leak. A fuel leak?! Yes, a fuel leak! But they put the band aid on it, and we made it safely to San Diego.
I had never been there - been to San Diego for work, but never made it to the zoo. When we got off the plane on Saturday, I got chicken nuggets while my boy friend rented the car. From there, we went straight to the Wild Animal Park. It was fabulous!!!!!! It was HUGE! There were TONS of wide open spaces for the animals to play... WAY cool! There were, of course, the standard zoo flamingos at both the Wild Animal Park and the Zoo itself- can you be called a zoo without flamingos right inside the gate?? I think it's in the by-laws somewhere.... Anyway, enough digression... We took a train around the Wild Animal Park that gave us lots of good info. We even got to see some steer fighting just as the guide was talking about using the horns as weapons. It was pretty funny.
Then, on Sunday, it was to the zoo proper... wow! That, too, was HUGE! I couldn't get over how many different types of pigs there were, though... lots of bacon on the hoof. It seemed a bit odd to me, but I guess they're endangered. You know what that means to me - they must taste good. If they didn't taste good, they wouldn't be hunted. Sorry about your luck, but lucky you - you're in a zoo. And a zoo as cool as this one! Speaking of lucky - it was lucky for me that there was a bus to take from place to place. There were a million hills in this place, and some of them required stairs. It was like being back in San Francisco.
There was even a guided tour bus, but that didn't go over so well. We had a VERY loud child right behind us. She liked to screech at EVERYTHING, and I do mean everything. I could barely hear the tour... we thought about doing it again, but thought that the kid didn't puke on us, so we'd better take what we can get and get out of there. We saw the rest on our own. The bus wasn't as cool as the train. Did I mention there were flamingos here?
What was the coolest attraction? Why, the Meerkats, of course! There's a show on National Geographic Channel that's called "Meerkat Manor", and we have gotten addicted to these little guys. They are HILARIOUS! Don't know what a meerkat is? I've attached a few photos for you... they are only a foot high and are a completely female-run society. That's what I'm talking about! The momma runs the show COMPLETELY. Anyway, I won't get into the political side of things, but let me tell you how funny these guys are! They groom each other and dig all the time, unless they're standing guard or gathering some sun to warm up. They did the sunning quite a bit while we were there - it was a bit cold from them. They're from the desert in Africa, so 40-degrees wasn't ok in their books.
Also, on Sunday the SD Chargers had a home play-off game... we were a little worried about traffic, so we left the zoo early for our flight. That, and we were completely exhausted. We had walked for over 4 hours straight! Plus all the walking from the night before... it was craziness! I'm SOOOOO glad I opted for tennis shoes only on this trip. There was no point in being cute - it was cold, and we were going to do a ton of walking.
So now I just finishing scurrying around getting everything ready for my crop party that will kick off here in about 30 min. It should be a good time! I won't get to crop - I need to get my things ready for the demo gathering we're having next weekend... wow! Yup, I did this to myself; I sure did! I can't wait for the gathering next Sunday, though... it should be a good time, and a good opportunity to meet some new folks. I'm really looking forward to it...
Well, my doorbell will start ringing here in a few, so I'd better sign off... HAPPY STAMPIN'!

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