Thursday, January 11, 2007

I'm a Slacker!

Ok, so I'm a complete slacker... I haven't posted in forever, right? I'm going to say that I have a good excuse... Saturday and Sunday, I was at drill for my reserve unit - fun to do on your birthday, huh? THEN, on Monday, I got my SAB order from Stampin' Up!!!!!!!! So, of course, I had to play with all my new toys... I also had to get ready for my gathering on Monday. I did take pictures of all the booty... You can see it here! :) Do you see WHY I haven't been blogging?!?!?! LOOK at all that cool stuff to play with!! Well, I've gotta get organized for my scrapbook workshop on Monday - it's a holiday... no work!! All Play!! YEAH!!! Did you see my new set of stamp pads AND re-inkers?! That was Happy Birthday to me!! :) Here I am - happy as can be playing with my new stamps AND talking on the phone... talk about Euphoria. My boyfriend couldn't resist taking this picture of me. I'm talking with a friend of mine that I hadn't talked to in almost a year! The stamps I'm putting together are a Valentine's Day present for my mom... it's the Sweet on You set from the winter mini. She's just getting into stamping, so I figured I'd get her good and hooked. :) I thought she could make Valentine's Day cards with those. She's also getting a set of Soft Subtles Stampin' Spots and the pink Love Notes next to me... can you tell she's spoiled?? She trained me well, huh?

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