Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Cathy Williams' Canvas Accordian Book

So, the SCS gathering was Sunday, and it was SOOOO much fun! We had 17 ladies and TONS of snacks. Cathy Williams made the CUTEST accordian book, and everyone wanted to know how to do it, so here it is...


Canvas: Four 4” x 5” (you can purchase from www.quickquotes.com)

3” x 12” - Bashful Blue; 4” x 5” - Certainly Celery (cut 2)
4” x 5” - Bashful Blue (cut 2)
3 ½” x 2” - Designer paper from SS Kit (cut 2 of 2 patterns or 3 of each if pockets on back)
1 3/8” x 5” - Cameo Coral (for 2 tags - make 1 – 1 3/8” x 2 ½” tag if pockets on back)
1 3/8” x 5” - Barely Banana (for 2 tags - make 1 – 1 3/8” x 2 ½” tag if pockets on back)
2 ½” x 3 ½” - Cameo Coral (for pictures) (cut 2 or 3 if pics on back)
2 ½” x 3 ½” - Barely Banana (for pictures) (cut 2 or 3 if pics on back)

Inks: Marigold Morning; Certainly Celery; Bashful Blue; Cameo Coral

Stamps: Small Script; Delight in Life (SAB)

Kits: Just Delightful Simply Scrappin’ (SAB)

Soft Subtles Brads
Blue gingham ribbon (cut 2 – 5” pieces & 2 – 8” pieces)
Celery ribbon (cut 2 – 5” pieces)
Paper piercing tool
Rubber Cement or other strong adhesive
Sponge Dauber(s)

Tag punch
Corner punch
Circle punch
Large oval punch
1/8” punch


1. Color canvases with inks using sponge dauber. Set aside to let dry.
2. Punch both ends of tag pieces (1 3/8” x 5”) & cut in half to create two tags.
3. Punch tag holes with 1/8” punch
4. Round top edges of picture pieces (2 ½” x 3 ½”) with corner punch
5. Ink edges of all pieces of cardstock as desired
6. Attach pictures to picture pieces and embellish
7. Stamp and embellish tags
8. Attach ribbon to tags
9. Embellish designer paper fronts (3 ½ “ x 2 pieces)
10. Attach the sides and bottom of the designer paper piece to the bottom of the 4” x 5” piece with ¼” margin at top, side & bottom. Leave the top open so they can be pockets.
11. Attach sides and bottom of two of the designer paper pieces to the bottom of two of the inked canvases. (These will be the middle two canvases.)
12. Take the 3” x 12” strip of cardstock and lay it flat on table. Lay 2 middle canvases face up directly in the center of the strip, making sure the bottom of the canvases are even. Move the canvases 1/8” apart in the middle to allow for a fold in the center. Glue the back of the canvas to the strip with rubber cement or other strong adhesive.
13. Decorate front cover canvas.
14. Decorate and/or sign back cover canvas.
15. Attach 8” pieces of ribbon to the back side of the front and back canvases with a 1 ½” overlap to hold ribbons in place using strong adhesive.
16. Place the outside 2 canvases face down UNDERNEATH the 3” x 12” strip leaving ¼” space between canvases allowing for folds. (Note: The strip will reach about halfway across the left and right canvases.) Glue these canvas backs to the strip.
17. Fold the left and right canvases toward the inside.
18. Pick up the project and fold the center the opposite way to make an accordion.
19. Attach 4” x 5” pieces to the backside of each canvas.
20. Tuck picture pieces and tags in pockets.

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Stephanie said...

Great gift idea. Thanks for posting the instructions!


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