Thursday, October 9, 2014

SUPER Excited!

I am SUPER excited to begin a new chapter in my adventures.  I have just pre-ordered a FUN kit with Origami Owl to become an independent designer!  I got the Holly Jolly Box of Happy - come on! How fun does that sound?!  In any event, I'm SUPER excited to begin!  I officially become a designer on October 16th, so be on the look out for FUN new things here.
While I'm waiting for my Holly Jolly Box of Happy to show up, I decided to get some things done.  Hostess thank you cards are an absolute MUST in my opinion, so I decided to knock out a few.  I'm hosting the WTUI challenge today where I'm challenging you to use an old project and re-do it.  Way back in the day, I used to do a TON of 3x3 notecards.  I have no idea why I fell away from that, but for today's challenge, I'm bringing them back!
I made 4 digital owl-themed note for my hostesses:


Then I printed them out and added a little Wink of Stella and a couple pearls to make them sparkle, just like the crystals in the Origami Owl jewelry headed my way soon!

For some reason, I printed 2 Birds of a Feather cards and missed the You're a Hoot card... oh, story of my life!  I plan on making a bunch more to have on hand, so no biggie.  In any event, I hope you play along with me this week!

Saturday, October 4, 2014

I'm Not Ready!!!

This morning started with a HUGE wake up call - it's SNOWING!  I'm SO not ready for snow yet!  What happened to the 80-degree days just last week?!?!  Bring them back!!!

Awe, man, it's gonna be a LOOOONG winter if it's already snowing this early in October!!  We are supposed to be going to an outdoor event today.  Where did I pack away those hats, scarves, and gloves???
Time to schedule a winter-time vacation...

Thursday, September 25, 2014

Groovy Sunset

Sunday I did another Wine and Canvas event.  I was waiting to post my painting, because it was PERFECT for today's Ways to Use It challenge - use trees.  Here is my final canvas, which is hanging in my cube at work, and looking spectacular:

Ok, so here are a few steps on how I got there...
First of all, we started with a blank canvas.  Yes, I know - AACK!!

But it's ok, because there were drinks available to calm the nerves:

This WAS a Strawberry Basil Limeade martini that I designed for Village Vintner Winery & Brewery, which uses two of their exclusive (and super yummy) wines - Sweet Passion and Oktoberfest.  It goes down VERY smooth, but since it's only wine, it won't kill you.
Ok, back to the canvas... The first thing we did was paint half of it white.  C'mon man, really???  You want me to paint a white canvas white... um, ok, so I did.  I didn't grab a photo of that, but I'm pretty sure you can imagine that piece.  Then we added yellow:

And then orange:

And then blue, purple, and pink.  I was a little caught up in that (and my Spinach & Artichoke dip & martini # 2), so I didn't get a photo of that until the end when I flipped it upside down to paint the bottom and then the trees:

You can catch a glimpse of martini # 2 on the left of my canvas.  Next up were the trees.  Perhaps I'm just completely mental, but to me, it's easier to paint the trees upside down, so that's what I did:

I think they turned out pretty good.  I find it's easier for me upside down, maybe because it forces me to truly think outside the box.  I did flip it back around to do the leaves, which turns out are really just scribbles:

I made asterisks and stars, and somehow they came out looking like bushy leaves.  Um, ok!  The last piece was to add the sun, but I kept messing with my orange piece and totally jacked it several times.
I think the final isn't too bad:

I hope you will play along with the trees challenge on SCS!  Of course, you don't need to make a canvas, but this wasn't all that hard, so maybe you could give it a go.
Have a great Thursday!

Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Nails Day + Another Rug!

Last night, I tried a new nail salon, and I was pretty pleased with it.  It's called Love Nails, and I just found out this morning that I can do online scheduling for an appointment!  It's a small place, but it seems very well equipped.  I wanted a chocolate brown kind of color to start off fall, but I didn't see one on the wall.  I asked the lady, and she said she hadn't put the dark colors out yet, but next time, just ask.  OK!
Here is what I chose instead:

There's a tiny bit of sparkle in it.  Hopefully, it will ignite my San Francisco Giants to make the playoffs, or even win the division!
I also have been hard at work on a new rug, and I'm proud to say it is done!

This rug is SUPER simple, just a half double crochet across, but there's a catch... I used 3 strands of yarn, so it's thicker.  For these fun colors, I used 2 strands of Crown Jewels Bernat Handicrafter, and 1 strand of Tiara Ombre Bernat Handicrafter.  I think these two yarns look so fun together!
And finally, I leave you with Latte the Butterball Pug in her natural habitat:

In any event, have a great Wednesday!  Check back tomorrow for a new WTUI challenge!

Friday, September 12, 2014

It's Friday!!!

It's Friday!!! Here are some things to get your weekend off to a good start...
Yesterday, I gave you some fun freebies.  In case you missed them, here they are again:
Digi paper pack, downloaded HERE:

And a matching set of buttons, downloaded HERE:

Yesterday, I shared a very somber two-page scrapbook layout in my Make it Monumental post.  Today, I am showing you some FUN things you can do to celebrate our so sacred life!  I made a set of drink tags and recipes with these papers.  Here are some drink recipes and tags from our weekend block party.
The wine comes from the Village Vintner & Brewery, but there wasn't room on the page to say that.  My neighbors all know where I get my wine, so it wasn't necessary. :)
First up is Electric Lemonade:

That's the yummy recipe.  If you are not familiar with Passion XO Blue, it's a cognac and so smooth and sweet.
Here is what it looked like:

To fill this container, I made 3 batches with the recipe above.  You can see the little cards I made for my neighbors to take with them, mainly so they would stop bugging me for them. :)
And here is the tag that is on that container:

Next up, we have Pineapple Mojitos:

Here's an "action shot" of the Pineapple Mojitos in progress:

Doesn't that look yummy??  You can easily omit the rum for a fabulous smoothie, but why would you want to do that???
And here's the tag that went on the container:

And last up is the acclaimed Strawberry Basil Limeade:

This recipe says to serve immediately.  It does separate, so I always serve it in a Pampered Chef pitcher that has the mixer plunger.

That's why the tag says to "pump twice", because you do need to mix it.
And here it is in action:

Again, you can easily omit the wine and make a yummy smoothie with this, but again - WHY!?
A couple of my neighbors like a little extra punch in their drink, so I provided a bottle of KettleOne Citron with this tag attached:

That should get you started for the weekend!
Finally, Wednesday was nails day, but I decided to do something different this time and went back to my natural nails.

I'm going to try one of my jamberry wraps with footballs on one nail, I think, since there's a HUGE game in my area this weekend - the local Bears vs. my 49ers.  I feel I will be in the minority this weekend, although that red and gold nail polish is a big win already!
GO 9ERS!!!!

Thursday, September 11, 2014

Make It Monumental

Today is September 11th, and 13 years ago today, our lives changed forever.  Today is also Thursday, which means a new WTUI challenge.  Today, I am hosting it, and I am challenging you to Make it Monumental by using stone, granite, marble, or another hardened surface in your project, just like the monuments and statues we erect for our heroes.
I made a two-page scrapbook layout for my recent visit to the Flight 93 Memorial in PA.  For the background of both pages, I used a Granite Paper that I made, and a matching set of Granite Buttons to give a little dimension to the page. I also used a couple items by ChrissyW - the templates, a string bow for the button, and a cross stitch.  It just didn't "feel right" to put too much "stuff" on the page, and I wrote more than I ever have on a page on these.
Here is Page 1:

You can click on the page to make it bigger if you would like to read the text.
And Page 2:

The upper-right two photos include the etched "September 11, 2001", which is hard to see in these photos unless you click in.
In the spirit of giving and helping your neighbor that today brought about, I have two freebies for you:
A set of papers that can be downloaded HERE and look like this:

And a set of matching buttons that can be found HERE and look like this:

If you are unfamiliar with digi scrapping, why not give these a try?  They're free after all.  Please enjoy the life that we have to the fullest today, as today is a reminder that you never know when your last memory will be made.  Appreciate the life you have and what our heroes have sacrificed to make that possible.  Check back tomorrow for some more things you can do with the paper pack above to celebrate life.

Thursday, September 4, 2014

I Made a Rug!

The project I'm showing today isn't all that glamorous, so I'll start with a gorgeous sunset that began our September:

The sun rays over the storm clouds are just amazing!
Ok, now for my necessary project... I made a new bathroom rug.  A few months ago, my poor Gandy boy was having upset stomach.  He threw up on my rug, which, of course, went right in the trash.  They don't make my bathroom rugs anymore, so to the crochet hook I went!  Here it is:

I used two different colors of Bernat Handicrafter - the main color is Chocolate Ombre, and the accents in the middle and border are Tiara Ombre.  It's a very simple pattern of rows of half double crochet and single crochet.  I used a J hook, but you could use a larger or smaller one, depending on how tight/loose you want the rug.
Here's the pattern:
Row 1: 41 Foundation Single Crochet (FSC), Chain (CH) 1, and turn
Rows 2 - 6: Half Double Crochet (HDC) across, CH 1, turn (5 rows)
Rows 7 - 11: Single Crochet (SC) across, CH 1, turn (5 rows)
Rows 12 - 21: HDC across, CH 1, turn (10 rows)
Rows 22 - 26: SC across, CH 1, turn (5 rows)
Rows 27 - 31: HDC across, CH 1, turn (5 rows)
Rows 32 - 36: change to accent color, HDC across, CH 1, turn (5 rows)
Rows 37 - 39: switch back to main color, SC across, CH 1, turn (3 rows)
Rows 40 - 44: change to accent color, HDC across, CH 1, turn (5 rows)
Rows 45 - 49: switch back to main color, HDC across, CH 1, turn (5 rows)
Rows 50 - 54: SC across, CH 1, turn (5 rows)
Rows 55 - 64: HDC across, CH 1, turn (10 rows)
Rows 65 - 69: SC across, CH 1, turn (5 rows)
Rows 70 - 74: HDC across, CH 1, turn (5 rows)
Rows 75: SC across, CH 1
SC around the entire rug, with 3 SC in each corner, join with a Slip Stitch (SL ST), CH 1
The next round is a Half Double Crochet together (HDC2TOG) followed by a CH and 3 HDC in each corner, join with a SL ST, CH 1
The final round is a SC all the way around, again with 3 SC in each corner, joined with a SL ST, and you are DONE!
If you don't know how to do the half double crochet together stitch, check out this video:

This is the most clear video I've seen on this stitch and makes it super simple.  Doing this stitch around the border makes a cute little lace-looking eyelet thing.  If you're making a baby or "girlie" blanket, you can add a ribbon through these holes for extra cuteness.  Here's a close up of the border:

Have fun!


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